Training and Professional Development Services

Services Overview

Building capacity is not a passive activity. At New Table, we are educators at heart. We know how to help individuals and organizations grow and we are happy to design learning opportunities in support of this effort. What we teach is based on what you and/or your organization need. We don’t offer one-size fits all training, instead we listen and then we bring to the table learning opportunities designed with your needs in mind.

Over the past few years we have been honored to bring the following types of training opportunities to different groups around the country. Let us know if one of the items below resonates with your needs. Alternatively, you are welcome to reach out for a unique training solution that meets your particular needs.

Style Matters

The Tension Between Team Supervision and Individual Load for the Effective Leader - This workshop targets those in middle to senior leadership positions, with a focus on more senior leaders. We ask participants to reflect on their own leadership practices relative to what we know about what the research tells us about the practices of effective leaders. The final part of this workshop is designed to help leaders plan a practical path toward implementing leadership practices proven to grow teams and improve results.

Teams that Achieve

The premise of this workshop is simple. The practice of this workshop is not quite so simple. Through an engaging and interactive format we bring known practices to your team for exploration and discussion. After reflecting together on where your team is now, we then work with your team to create a plan that targets the improvement and/or addition of evidenced based practices that will help teams achieve at higher levels. e


Not so scary - For most individuals and organizations the idea of developing a culture where giving and receiving feedback is part of the normal routine is a scary thought. This workshop provides the rationale for increasing the amount of feedback that occurs every day across an organization. Additionally, we help individuals and teams gain the practices and skills required to give and receive feedback in a safe manner. We’ve heard from those we’ve worked with that implementing the practices we discuss has markedly improved morale, employee retention, and work quality.

Conflict and Communication

You guessed it - this workshop focuses on teaching the skills needed to communicate effectively when in conflict. We offer some very specific practices that individuals tailor to their own personalities and style.


A working definition - Most people say they trust their coworkers. But, what does this mean and how can teams use a definition of trust to both support others and hold them accountable? This workshop will help your team operationalize the idea of trust to make your team stronger.

Specific Needs?

Do you have a specific need that may fall within our wheelhouse? Call or email us today - we’d love to design something that targets your specific needs.