Coaching Services

Conflict Coaching

High achieving teams have conflict. Period. In fact, we’ve never met a great team that is without conflict. But the best ones can manage conflict in a way that makes everyone feel heard, respected, and validated. We offer coaching to help parties resolve current conflicts and training for professionals to more successfully navigate future disagreements. Conflict resolution is a learnable skill—with us you will feel more confident in your ability - or your team’s ability - to work through conflict in a way that increases performance.

Executive Coaching

We provide support to executives at all levels in identifying competencies and areas of growth, seeing how they’re perceived by others, and manifesting current goals. For some, our work is finite in time to help an individual master a specific skill. For others, we maintain an ongoing relationship over months or even years. No coaching program is the same - we’d be happy to define the right one for your needs.

Executive Functioning Coaching

For some, the idea of independently managing workflow, a to-do list, priorities, and deliverables can be quite daunting. Occasionally, this is due to a diagnosis such as ADHD. For others, this could be due to a skills deficit. Either way, our executive functioning coaching can be exactly what an individual needs to take control over their executive functioning deficits. We often get asked if we will work with students on executive functioning skills. Yes, but we do have certain criteria and age restrictions. Feel free to reach out if you have questions as to whether or not we might be an appropriate match for one another.