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We Connect Teams and Individuals Toward Relational Empowerment and Expansive Capacity

We’ve developed a keen understanding of individuals and teams. In our facilitation, training and coaching, we integrate these truths:

Why Us

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Why do people Engage us?

Personalized Dynamics

We embrace a highly customized, personalized approach – no canned presentations; no confusing and masking buzz words; no dry, frontal workshops with over-used post-its and flip charts. We listen to your story. We ask insight-driven questions. And, then we design a personal and precise plan for our work together.

Relational Focus

In this edgy and competitive world, we observe that basic empathy and compassion get deprioritized. At the core of our work is a sincerity, empathy, and compassion that we model, teach, and coach. This is non-negotiable in our core expressions. You may find it disarming and surprising to experience the nature of patience and listening that we bring to the center of our work. Even more disarming and surprising may be the rubric of challenge and honesty we are able to extract from individuals, dyads, and groups – steeped in sensitivity and sincerity. We amplify courage through the use of compassion; we plant empathy at the root of effectiveness and efficiency.

Unique Experience

In our mutual commitment to engage in this work with you, we devote our decades of textured experiences to the new encounters with you. This means that we commit to leveraging our various learnings to your unique scenario and circumstances. We cherish humble inquiry, while feeling deeply fearless about exploration of paradoxical, unexpected, or unexplored points of view. Most importantly, we believe deeply and optimistically in human relationships – and our work is characterized by hope in humanity and belief in the impact of our efforts.


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